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Agro Business

In India, Agriculture is the largest sector in the economy of the country. The sector contributes as high as 18% towards the Gross Domestic Product of the country and it contributes nearly 13% towards the exports of the country. In the past couple of years, the sector saw a very good growth rate as compared to some years ago.

The agro industry in the country helps in processing the agricultural products including field crops, tree crops, fisheries and livestock thereby converting them to consumable and other usable forms. However, the private sector is yet to unleash the full potential of the agro industry. The global market is actively open for commodities like sugar, coffee, tea and processed foods like honey, sauce and jelly. The market in the country for processed meat, fruits and spices is equally huge. The domestic and the export market in the nation can be exploited to its fullest extent only by bringing together mass production, modern technology and intensive marketing strategies. It is an imperative that the food manufacturers in India are made fully aware of the changing consumer preferences. Modernization, innovation and incorporation of the latest technologies in the agriculture industry over the next decade is bound to revolutionize the entire food chain and the agro-production thereby doubling the capacity of manufacturing agro products in India.
Recent studies show that the value of the total food market in India at present is about Rs.250000 crore (US $ 69.4 billion). In this figure, the size of value-added food products alone makes up Rs.80000 crore (US $ 22.2 billion).




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